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General Server information!

Post  Javakitty (Admin) on Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:34 pm

Hello fellow Minecrafters!

If you're looking for a fun server that suits all of your survival needs, then you came to the right place. Using nothing but bukkit and all original mods, I have created a server that should be fun, no matter what you find fun on minecraft. This server combines new game-changing mechanics and a reward system to make a server where you're rewarded with the things you love doing most. Come on in and drop by! The server is up almost 24/7!

How do I join?
Easy! The game is open to all. Simply connect to the server. If you feel like you're going to play on the server, then ask one of the mods to promote you to a member.

Where can I find what plugins you have?
The plugins are custom, but if you want to see the content that they add, then look at the other stickies in this forum.

Who are the moderators?
Right now it is only Sirnecron77 and JavaKitty, but more will be added as more guests continue to play.

What's the IP? I want to play!
Our server's IP is:
Feel free to invite friends along too.
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