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Planned features

Post  Javakitty (Admin) on Tue Jan 08, 2013 4:17 am

This is the list of planned features. After a planned feature is programmed, it will be moved to the server features page. As updates come out, the list of planned features that were accomplished will be seen in that topic. If you have an idea for a feature you would like to see in the game, then post a topic in the Suggestions forum.

Random features
  • Remove cave sounds
  • Teleporters with circle stone = $150 each
  • Snow piles up to 3 blocks while snowing
  • Hunger -> stamina (Food heals hearts, not hunger, like pre. 1.8 food)
  • Stock market
  • Sign that tells server time, tells amount of item in chest, player near, tollbooth

Fighting update
  • Lightning rods to use xp instead of stick
  • Heads drop sometimes from animals/players

Industrial update
  • Vacuum dispensers and chests with sponges
  • Dispenser with item frame = filter, acceptable items get shot out opening, others pass over
  • Dispenser with item frame and crafting bench = auto crafter
  • Sponges, suck up water only when right clicked, $50
  • Nether wart grow overworld
  • Animal sex machine takes seeds out and breeds animals

Land plots
  • Way to keep player's property safe
  • Players buy it themselves by clicking opposite sides with an enchantment book, costs 175$ per chunk, multiply by round(height/20)*.25+1
  • Owner can add/remove other owners, set name, show the prefix, toggle verbose, pvp, pva aggressive, pva passive, blocks, fire, water, lava, chests, interact
  • Owner can also make subplots in the region
  • There is a cap for the amount of storage is in a region, and the amount of players living in a region
  • Subplots allow another player(s) to be an owner in a section of a plot
  • Only a certain amount of players can be part of a plot, it depends on size
  • Roads are an automatic region owned by nobody, but are safe from griefing, but not from pvp/pva
  • You can order official roads to be brought to your house by the admin, but costs money if requested
  • Cool builds, or builds that help the prosperity of the server can be rewarded money, roads, teleporters, and other cool stuff
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