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Post  Javakitty (Admin) on Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:39 pm

Here you can find all of the content that the plugins provide, split up into subsections.

User-friendly signs
These signs open up a huge possibility of having users interact with different sorts of content on signs. You are able to right click each line individually on a sign, which is a new thing in the modding community. Different signs have different purposes. You can view each type of sign and what it does at the sign page.

Sign page link here

The money system
The money system is what this whole server revolves around. Money is stored virtually in your personal bank account. You can check how much money you have by typing /money. Your balance is also displayed as you log into the server. You can lose 2.5% of your total wealth by dying, so staying alive would be a good idea. Every week, taxes are collected. Everyone pays 5% of their total wealth. However, the more things you contribute to the good of the server, the lower your tax rate can be.

ATMs are a type of sign you are able to interact with. With ATMs, you right click the sign with the item(s) you want to sell, and it should come up with the material name, the amount of material you're selling, and the total money you'll get if you sell the material. If you do not like what you're about to sell, you can press cancel. On the other hand, if you want to sell the item, then press buy, and the money should be deposited immediately in your bank. If you are a shop owner and would like one of these in your shop, the sign function is "#atm" (without quotes) and costs 50$ to make.

Here is what you can sell, and it's value:
  • Iron ore: $0.50
  • Lapis: $0.50
  • Redstone Dust: $0.75
  • Iron ingot: $1
  • Gold Ingot: $5
  • Gold Ore: $7.50
  • Emerald: $65
  • Diamond: $30
  • Dragon Egg: $250
  • Nether Star: $750

If you need a lot of money very quickly, then this is what you should go with. On the loan sign, you can choose up to 99,999$ loans. Every loan MUST be payed in the course of 90 days, or else you lose all of your money and are banned from using the loan signs. Every day, interest (1.25% of the money left to pay off) is added to the loan. You can view the loan's details by doing /loan. If you are going to pay off your loan, then you can do /loan $. Remember that loans are dangerous and should be avoided, and because of this, you may only have 1 loan at a time.

Shops are a good way to advertise your goods that you produce, or to buy goods for yourself. The sign itself is 2 wide. The sign function for a shop sign is "#shop(mode,id:meta,$)", and costs 25$ to make. Mode being either 0 for both buying and selling, 1 being only buying, and 2 being selling, id being the item/block id you are selling, and meta being the metadata or durability. you can go to the Data Values page on the Minecraft wiki to see what item ID a specific block/item is. The last sign argument is the amount of money you are buying/selling one of these items for. You can create a chest 2 blocks behind the sign where you store the items for the shop. As items are bought/sold, more items are removed/added to the chest, so as a shop owner, you will want to keep an eye out on your chests.

Modified ore system
On the server, you might notice that you can't naturally find any ore above iron ore. You might be wondering where you can find it! Gold, lapis lazuli, redstone, emeralds, and diamonds can only found randomly by breaking natural stone below sea level (y <= 64) (it doesn't work on generated stone). The stone drops the ore like it naturally would (redstone dropping 4 dust, lapis dropping a few lapis lazuli), and it requires the usual pickaxe that you can mine the ore with. Here is the ore list and their rarities (They occur more commonly than you think!):

  • Coal: common
  • Iron ore: semi-common
  • Lapis lazuli: rare
  • Redstone: semi-rare
  • Gold ore: rare
  • Diamond: extremely rare
  • Emeralds: extemely rare

The ender dragon and the wither
The end mechanics have changed quite a bit. First of all, the end no longer is accessible without being given a portal from the admin (you can also use other people's portals if they let you). Once at least one person has a portal, the ender dragon spawns once a day between the times of 3:30 and 6:30 PM PST, and will also regenerate the towers. The ender dragon will live for exactly 2 hours after it is spawned, then will die. If players manage to slay it in that time, it will announce that it has been slain, and the player that had killed the dragon. The amount of time left the ender dragon has to live is also viewable by typing /end, or logging on while the ender dragon is spawned. The wither also announces when it is spawned and when it dies, but a player can only spawn a wither in the nether.

  • /home or /h: Teleports you to your bed after a 4 second wait. This costs 10$
  • /spawn or /sp: Teleports you to spawn after a 4 second wait.
  • /tpto <player>: Teleports you to the player after a 4 second wait if they accept. This costs 15$
  • /bottle: Converts almost all of your XP to bottles of enchanting.
  • /r <message>: Responds to a PM sent (/tell)
  • /msgs: Displays the notifications you recieved while offline.
  • /info: Displays things about your player (Times played, amount of time played, kills, deaths, passive, aggressive, and boss mobs)
  • /end: Displays how much longer the ender dragon has left to live.
  • /money: Displays how much money you have.
  • /loan: Displays your current loan info.
  • /loan <$>: Pays money to the current loan.
  • /pay <player> <$>: Pays a player money

If your house is destroyed, then mods are able to restore your house from a backup, but only if this is totally an accident. Backups are taken automatically at midnight every night, and last for a week until they are deleted. You can also ask a mod to make you a member if you're a guest, and they can also take administrative action in the case of a player who is being unruly or acting against the rules.

Other things
Other stuff that couldn't fit into any category:
  • Enchanting books were disabled (They can't be put into an anvil)
  • Villagers, zombie villagers, silverfish, and bats don't spawn at all
  • When the majority of players are asleep at night, the night skips to day.
  • You can set your spawn position by clicking on a bed at any time of the day.
  • You can have a colored name and a prefix by asking the admin for one.
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